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About Me.

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Jerry S
Jerry S
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I stand in the middle of a bridge. I'm not sure which side I used to walk on nor which side I used to walk off.
I stand in the middle of a bridge.
I’m not sure which side I used to walk on nor which side I used to walk off.

My name is Jerry Saravia. I enjoy writing poems and stories when I can manage it (that is to say “not often”), listening to songs that move my heart, and reading books that I’m interested in.

My day job is as a software engineer and though I have enjoyed that, I believe my true passions lie elsewhere. I have yet to find them yet so for now I’m content with using writing to understand and build myself into something more. Also, as a way to crystallize pieces of myself that would otherwise disappear if not written. If I’m lucky, others will read what I write and criticize it so that I may be a better me. On the rare occasion that praise be provided, I would cherish it immensely.


If my soul is the infinite sky, then my poems are the stars that design my constellations.

Jerry S

Poems remind me of the Horcruxes from Harry Potter except a good version of them. Hence my quote above. With each poem I share, and even those I don’t, I hope to capture a piece of myself into a star, each with its own brightness, so that I can look back and guide myself into the future with their light. I’ll share the poems themselves and also, if I allow myself, the inspiration they were born out of.


I do not know what truly lies in my heart until I hear it in melody.

Jerry S

Yes, I made that quote up, but it’s true. In this blog I’ll be sharing songs I’ve listened to, their lyrics, and what they mean as interpreted by my own lens. Some might be popular songs and others might be deeper in the sea of music than most are willing to dive to. I’m sure there are those out there that would dive deeper still. What’s guaranteed is that the songs I share will have at least a grain in them that captivates me. My challenge will be to share with you that grain and hope it feeds us both in some way.


A prisoner of the book, I hardly went outdoors.

Jorge Luis Borges

I have a hard time reading books and what better way to do something that is hard than by celebrating out in the open far all to see when I manage to do even a smidge of it? Each year I’ve tried doing a reading challenge and the best way I’ve found to help with this is to write down the parts of the book I found most compelling to me. This has taken form in a series of favorite quotes but maybe it’ll take another form as I read more. Who knows, I might even write a book review one day. As Borges alludes to above, a good book can trap us in its pages long after we’ve closed it and put it away.

And anything else…

If I’m diligent I’ll write about more things and share that as well. I hope you enjoy this short journey with me, reader. If you want to contact me via email, see what I’m currently reading on Goodreads, make a donation by buying me a cup of coffee, or connect on Facebook, click the icons below.