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From A String On Your Finger
·2252 words·11 mins
Trueque-Musical 2024
It wasn’t common for me to share songs, much less poems, but I’m another me now. Now I share to see who is listening, reading, and paying attention.
Last Night (Anoche)
·844 words·4 mins
Song-Swap 2024
Tell me what you think you’ll do with all of this sudden news
Now that you know that I’m falling deeper into your trap
Last night I told you that I’m falling for you
Talking just to Talk
·570 words·3 mins
Song-Swap 2024
You haven’t gotten to know me
Do you wanna have us a talk
A before and a now then
Maybe you’ll help me give it thought
·1166 words·6 mins
Song-Swap 2024
Now it’s just you and me looking at the sky. Waiting for an aurora that’s not coming but who cares?
Uta to Hibiki
·150 words·1 min
Song-Swap 2024
That’s how I live, looking for the moments that don’t need translation.
·1610 words·8 mins
You can’t go out and buy my smile. You can’t go out and buy all my pains.
Time Will Do Its Job
·618 words·3 mins
Song-Swap 2024
The love we had was real. In a way we could feel. The love we had was real but…


My Hair'll be Real Long
·891 words·5 mins
Song-Swap 2023

That makes one year and two days it’s been on my mind. What if you died before me.

What if we could forgive before, before. I know that this life, it happens now.

·842 words·2 mins
Song-Swap 2023
Don’t try to live so wise. Don’t cry ‘cause you’re so right. Don’t dry with fakes or fears. ‘Cause you will hate yourself in the end. Reflections of fear make shadows of nothing.
Nothing Better
·1203 words·6 mins
Song-Swap 2023
I feel I must interject here. You’re getting carried away feeling sorry for yourself. With these revisions and gaps in history. So let me help you remember.
·669 words·4 mins
Song-Swap 2023
And October blew by like a gust of wind. Another year where I didn’t take the time. To see autumn’s leaves fall quietly away.
The Crows - Les Corbeaux
·1039 words·5 mins
Song-Swap 2023
The moon is full! The moon is full! The moon is full! The moon is full! And it’s filled with clouds of crows.
Santo Domingo
·1542 words·8 mins
Song-Swap 2023
Hey babe it’s me, I’m talking on the boardwalk, the full moon’s glist’ning. On the beach there’s rhythm song, a tasty merengue beat that makes me dream.
Time and Paper
·1256 words·6 mins
Song-Swap 2023
But I don’t like the wait, when I have to peel, away slowly what I feel, I start to reel, Shortly after I retry. Time and paper, Time and paper, Time and paper, Time and paper.
Coming out of the dark
·903 words·5 mins
Song-Swap 2023
Why be afraid if I’m not alone? Though life is never easy, the rest is unknown. And up to now for me, it’s been hands against stone. Spent each and every moment searching for what to believe