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From A String On Your Finger
·2252 words·11 mins
Trueque-Musical 2024
It wasn’t common for me to share songs, much less poems, but I’m another me now. Now I share to see who is listening, reading, and paying attention.
Last Night (Anoche)
·844 words·4 mins
Song-Swap 2024
Tell me what you think you’ll do with all of this sudden news
Now that you know that I’m falling deeper into your trap
Last night I told you that I’m falling for you
My Heart Is Not A Clock
·1142 words·6 mins
Poem-Swap 2024
Tick tock, tick tock
My heart is not a clock
My apology, and also my anthem
Talking just to Talk
·570 words·3 mins
Song-Swap 2024
You haven’t gotten to know me
Do you wanna have us a talk
A before and a now then
Maybe you’ll help me give it thought
Reading Challenge 2024 - Work In Progress
·88 words·1 min
2024 Reading-Challenge-2024
Each page, a ray of light shooting out into darkness.
·1166 words·6 mins
Song-Swap 2024
Now it’s just you and me looking at the sky. Waiting for an aurora that’s not coming but who cares?
Uta to Hibiki
·150 words·1 min
Song-Swap 2024
That’s how I live, looking for the moments that don’t need translation.
The Sound of Rain
·366 words·2 mins
2024 Quote
The sound of the rain needs no translation.
·1610 words·8 mins
You can’t go out and buy my smile. You can’t go out and buy all my pains.
Midday Midnight
·716 words·4 mins
Poem-Swap 2024
I’ve never cast a spell before. This might be my first.
Time Will Do Its Job
·618 words·3 mins
Song-Swap 2024
The love we had was real. In a way we could feel. The love we had was real but…
What Music Says
·996 words·5 mins
2024 Quote
Music says that there is a right way for things to be ordered; Music is how we decorate time.
Clean the Sky
·263 words·2 mins
2024 Quote
I’ve become better at cleaning clouds and in my sky there is more sun.
Speaker for the Dead
·1785 words·9 mins
Book-Swap 2024 Reading-Challenge-2024
This is how humans are: We question all our beliefs, except for the ones we really believe, and those we never think to question…
Le Petit Prince
·69 words·1 min
Book-Swap 2024 Reading-Challenge-2024
Since there aren’t any friend stores, people don’t have friends anymore. If you want a friend you’ll have to befriend me.