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Reading Challenge 2024 - Work In Progress
·88 words·1 min
2024 Reading-Challenge-2024
Each page, a ray of light shooting out into darkness.
The Sound of Rain
·366 words·2 mins
2024 Quote
The sound of the rain needs no translation.
What Music Says
·996 words·5 mins
2024 Quote
Music says that there is a right way for things to be ordered; Music is how we decorate time.


Song Swap - 2023
·439 words·3 mins
Song-Swap 2023
A song swap extravaganza.
Reading Challenge 2023
·192 words·1 min
2023 Reading-Challenge-2023
I don’t know where I’ll end up, but with each word my mind moves somewhere new.
Final De Año
·711 words·4 mins
Poem-Swap 2023
La causa verdadera es la sospecha general y borrosa del enigma del Tiempo.
On Your Feet
·510 words·3 mins
2023 Broadway
If you get the opportunity to see “On Your Feet: The story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan” please take it and thank me later.
·2019 words·10 mins
2023 Broadway
How did you write like you were running out of time?


Song Swap - 2022
·460 words·3 mins
Song-Swap 2022
Music flies where sound can’t follow.
And be dead inside
·538 words·3 mins
2022 Quote
It’s funny: you can very well climb a mountain, have friends with you, laugh at all the jokes, and feel dead inside.
Not Better, Only Who I Am
·621 words·3 mins
2022 Quote
Sometimes I don’t get a chance to be better, I only get a chance to be who I am.
Don't Leave Me Here Alone
·721 words·4 mins
Neil Gaiman Poem-Swap 2022
Neil Gaiman is a role model for me. I wanted to talk about a poem he wrote called Sonnet.
Sleep Well
·687 words·4 mins
Poem-Swap 2022
The fairies play on the munelicht brae. An’ the stars are on the deep.