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My Heart Is Not A Clock
·1142 words·6 mins
Poem-Swap 2024
Tick tock, tick tock
My heart is not a clock
My apology, and also my anthem
Midday Midnight
·716 words·4 mins
Poem-Swap 2024
I’ve never cast a spell before. This might be my first.
Clean the Sky
·263 words·2 mins
2024 Quote
I’ve become better at cleaning clouds and in my sky there is more sun.


I Know
·690 words·4 mins
Poem-Swap 2023
I’ll walk off into your sunset, to become another’s dawn. New moon you for forever, shooting star phenomenon.
Summer Leaves, Fall Flowers - El Verano Muere, El Otoño Florece
·718 words·4 mins
Poem-Swap 2023
The last winds of summer whirlpool their last breath. The first leaves of fall toast in the coolness of a coming while.
Love by Candlelight
·495 words·3 mins
Poem-Swap 2023
Sometimes when I’m half awake and half asleep, or when I hear a certain sound, or when I smell a certain smell, or when I say a certain phrase, I remember what it’s like to be in love.
Stellar Moose
·909 words·5 mins
Poem-Swap 2023
Where is it that you’re going my stellar pelted moose? Where is it that your lunar hooves go when they need to roost?
Calamitous Traverse
·791 words·4 mins
Poem-Swap 2023

Lost with no guide, In tumultuous tide.

Have I been here before? In a storm’s whirling core?

Stardust Death
·189 words·1 min
Poem-Swap 2023
I hope this declaration retains its power. As words with neither voice nor face.
·380 words·2 mins
Poem-Swap 2023
I wish you neither the worst there is. Nor the best that ever was. I wish you the worst that you yourself will concoct.
Star Fire Hugs
·1238 words·6 mins
Poem-Swap 2023
i hope you feel, that this is real, a game one doesn’t just play
Another Ten Years
·483 words·3 mins
Poem-Swap 2023
But I like this sham; Upheld with wavy hands; My improvement path of personal growth.
Stolen Calm
·961 words·5 mins
Poem-Swap 2023
I time traveled to the past, to a day two auras danced. Then regretfully I stole my own hope with enchanted gloves of chance.


Future Love - Futuro Amor
·604 words·3 mins
Poem-Swap 2022
I smell you without a hint of your perfume, I feel you near with no one around.
Loveless Tree
·1073 words·6 mins
Poem-Swap 2022
A smile my way, was sent one day, unlike ones before. I took it as sign, this plant of mine, should grow beyond one shore. So I showered it in dreams, bright sparklesun and soft moonbeams;