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Song Swap - 2022

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song-swap 2022
Jerry S
Jerry S
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Listen - Song Swap 2022 Playlist

  1. Youtube Playlist
  2. Amazon Playlist

Prepare yourself for the results of my song swaps from the year 2022!

Note: I didn’t create a Spotify playlist since I don’t have an account. I use Amazon Music. But…if you want to contribute by creating a Spotify playlist with your account I’d be grateful.

Music flies where sound can’t follow.


Who doesn’t love music?

When I meet people, old and new alike, I’ll occasionally remember to ask them for a song in a game I like to call Song Swap. If you’re reading this it’s because you might have done a song swap with me in the year of 2022!!

Thank you for your offerings to the pool of songs I listen to. It’s greatly appreciated.

If you did not have the opportunity to do a song swap with me. Don’t worry! You’ll have a chance someday…maybe. :-)

The Rules of the Game: Song Swap

  1. You share a song with me!
  2. I share a song with you!

The end.


Whose songs are on the playlist?

Not mine. Yours! The songs are from all people I’ve met and these are the songs they shared with me.

That’s a lot of music to listen to.

Yeah, and it’s all so good!!!

Over 6 hours of musical awesomeness.

Did you listen to them?

Yes, I have listened to ALL the songs on the list.

All of them. Oh yes.

Who sent you which songs?

That’s for me to know. I have it written down somewhere.

I am grateful to all those that contributed, whether just one song or many.

Hey! Where’s the song I gave you? I don’t see it.

Sometimes people will recommend a song aloud and say “you should really listen to….” or they’ll recommend a song in the car and we’ll play it while driving, BUT if you didn’t enter it into my phone or write it down on paper it’s likely that it went where all forgotten things go.

Now that I know you play song swap, can I send you more songs?


If we meet in person and I ask you for one, sure. Or if I make a request through social media and you reply to my post, sure. Or if we talk regularly and have a convo then sure, suggest a song.

But don’t just send me a ghost song and expect me to listen to it.

I reserve the right to curate my song swap list however I see fit.. :-)

Will you do one for 2023?

Hell yes :-)P

This game sucks

LOL, you’re wrong, it’s the best game.

You don’t know what you’re talking about :-)