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Poem-Swap 2023
Jerry S
Jerry S
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I wish you neither the worst there is
Nor the best that ever was

I wish you the worst that you yourself will concoct

A suffering that you will choose for yourself

A torture that will bring you to tears
And that you’ll wish to be free of…
but that you will submit yourself to again and again…
again…of your own accord

The best thing is
I don’t have to wish any of the above

It’ll happen all on its own

And it’ll happen to me too

If I’m lucky
I’ll choose a different
Hell of my own making
My Anti-Wish

Inspiration Revealed

My muses inspire me when I write.

Your muses inspire you when you read.

Below I choose to disclose the inspirations and interpretations of my own poems.

Maybe our muses told us some of the same things. Read on below if you really want to find out.


I was feeling resentful and vengeful with this one. Wishing bad things upon someone can be satisfying but ultimately it’s fruitless on many fronts.

Fantasizing can definitely be satisfying in the moment but it’s not realistic and there are better uses of time and energy. But I couldn’t help it and a sinister thought occurred to me.

I don’t have to wish someone the worst. I only have to wish for them to not get better, to not improve, to not grow; life will take care of the rest.

I only have to wish they don’t discover their true faults and that no one in their lives is mean enough to point them out. Yes, be nice, point out the surface level faults and say only things they want to hear. Be nice, agree with their world views. Support them the way that they want to be supported, but not in the way they need to grow.

Darn…maybe I’m that person surrounded by nice friends and family with no one to truly tell me how to be a better person.

I hope I’m lucky enough to choose a hell that will change me for the better, and make me grow into a better person that doesn’t have to relive the same old things over and over, willingly, because I don’t even know that I’m choosing them.