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Calamitous Traverse

·791 words·4 mins·
poem-swap 2023
Jerry S
Jerry S
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Calamitous Traverse

Dark emanations pollute my foresight
And ashes of hate taint my spirit
My techniques fail against invisible ghosts

Lost with no guide
In tumultuous tide

Have I been here before?
In a storm’s whirling core?

Desperation blocks the path to the end
There’re many miles more for my frame to contend

One step, one step
One step more
I unwaver my onwardness
Feet find footing through the sore

The void births a smokey beast
To reinforce the strain of this tragic trek
Rend my flesh, score my bone
Shearing talons, piercing stones

Fight in the Mountains - An art piece by Nele Diel that comes the closest to what I can imagine this poem would be in real life.

One step, one step
One step more

Arise my sword
Cut through the curse that binds my future
I’ll give you all my strength
Every drop

Rage forth flames of my heart
Pulse, burst, swirl, don’t withdraw
Burn stronger than ever you could
I’m not yet at my limit

The heavens breach a spark
Forgiveness reaches the highest peak
Disaster is close at hand
The roar of time augments

Sustain, ô body
Unleash belief in physical form
Combine all dimensions
I implore

The sun has long since died
The gods show no mercy
This battle world reaches its twilight
My gaze must not falter

I order myself by force of will
Vanquish this bleakest night
Grant me the glimmer of victory
A new day’s dawn will bring

Inspiration Revealed

My muses inspire me when I write.

Your muses inspire you when you read.

Below I choose to disclose the inspirations and interpretations of my own poems.

Maybe our muses told us some of the same things. Read on below if you really want to find out.


This is many things rolled into one.

  1. Secondarily: A homage to the hero Siegfried that is based off a Nordic legend
  2. Primarily: A gift of inspiration to myself for hard times past and hard times yet to come
  3. Thirdly: An metaphoric recounting of my own misfortunes and how I have made my way through them

A Homage to a Hero

Where do I look to for inspiration? I tend to first look outwardly for it. Where outwardly? I look to legendary heroes and their tales. One such hero is Siegfried. That’s his Germanic name but his Nordic name is Sigurd and his legend is recorded in the Völsunga Saga

I’ve read the Nordic Saga and it’s interesting that I didn’t want to read it until I first read some of Jorge Luis Borges AND I saw an anime namedFate/Apocrypha. To be honest, the anime is what drew me the most to Sigurd’s story and this poem takes fragments of the anime and incorporates them into itself.

Screenshot of the anime’s version of Siegfried

Now that I’ve told you that, you know why this is, in a way, a homage to Sigurd and his reincarnation that appeared in the anime.


To draw inspiration from legendary heroes as well as real-life heroes in my own life is a great thing to do. However, when alone with nowhere to turn, where do I draw strength? Inward; it must come from within. Even though it is a homage to Siegfried, the primary role of this poem is to serve as an inspirational gift to myself and anyone else that would like to inherit it.

Each time I reread it, besides the writer’s urge to improve it, I rediscover inspiration within myself. It’s as if I forget to look inward and look outward first, and must be reminded of what I have have already cultivated within.


Life hands out grievous misfortunes to those that deserve them and those that don’t alike. They are of different quality for each person, but they are grievous misfortunes nonetheless.

How have I made it through mine so far? It’s interesting to say that I’ve made it through them the same way I would an astounding adventure.

One step, one step, one step more.

In every misfortune and great battle one needs a weapon. Mine often takes shape as a sword. What is my sword made of? I don’t know, but I fight with what might I can muster and what flames that rage within.

Looking back, every misfortune had its many peaks and valleys, points at which the noise was too much and the body was fatigued till collapse.

Collapse or keep going? Retreat or step forth.

It is then I have had to be harsh during those peaks, as well as in the final moments, and scream at myself to keep going. To take what steps might remain to reach a better place.