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On Your Feet

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2023 broadway
Jerry S
Jerry S
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On Friday, May 27, 2022 I was in Washington, DC. I had been there for close to a week by then visiting a great friend of mine. While searching for things to see and do in the area I found that there was a musical called “On Your Feet: The story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan” being performed at the Gala Hispanic Theatre. I’m hispanic myself, so why not?

Gala Hispanic Theatre Poster In Washington, DC

A Picture Timeline

A picture of me at the entrance of the venue. They made taking pictures enticing with their big backdrop.
Before the musical started, I jumped onto the stage to feel the space. I was kicked off by staff but not before getting a picture :-D
The cast and I took a picture together.
The actor that played Emilio and myself. We could be cousins. We probably are.
The actress that played Gloria Estefan as a young girl.

Memorable Moments

I’m writing about this event more than half a year after it happened. Here are the major things I remember that have stayed in my memory.

A Loving Couple

Gloria and Emilio Estefan had an amazing relationship that, like any other, went through ups and downs of happy times and sad times. They managed to have children and endure as a couple. Somehow, they surpassed the odds and through lots of work were able to cross over into American culture and make a name for themselves with music that fills you with an energy that makes you want to get on your feet.

A Tragedy

In 1990, when I was still a young boy, Gloria Estefan was involved in a car accident that severely threatened her life and affected her mobility for years to come. Seeing this acted out in the musical was touching because it took this accident to bring her and her estranged mother close to each other once again.

A Song - Coming out of the Dark

After her recovery Gloria Estefan came out with a song that I still listen to and find inspiration in. The song has two versions, a Spanish and an English version.

  1. Coming out of the dark
  2. Desde la Oscuridad

It’s the “same” song, but I definitely prefer the Spanish one over the English one.

A family

I was going through a rough time emotionally when I went to see this musical and that put me in a state to enjoy the musical at a level that I think I would’ve been incapable of doing otherwise.

After the show was over I met a family outside and they seemed to notice I was not feeling my best. Somehow, through all my smiling, they could still see. It was nice to have met them and though their faces are gone from my memory their effect still remained. Thank you!

Lyrics - Coming out of the dark

If you want to listen to the song and see the lyrics for this song go to my song page.