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I Know

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Poem-Swap 2023
Jerry S
Jerry S
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I know you think you like me, and I do adore you
but I’m a quirky kind of me, and you’re a quarky kind of you
not the same type of caribou

worlds apart
heartbeats desynced
never meant to be

I’ll walk off into your sunset, to become another’s dawn
New moon you for forever, shooting star phenomenon

An image showing the best image I could find to depict all the elements of the last two phrases. Source: Deviant Art

Inspiration Revealed

My muses inspire me when I write.

Your muses inspire you when you read.

Below I choose to disclose the inspirations and interpretations of my own poems.

Maybe our muses told us some of the same things. Read on below if you really want to find out.


Blaming the Gods

Darkness befalls us all at certain times in our lives. In the age of the gods, before the domain of science had grown so vast and could shift so much into the dimension of understanding, it was easy to blame the gods for our misfortunes and blessings alike.

Just as an example using Greek mythology, if we were caught up in a fit of rage we might blame the god of war, Ares, and his influence over us. Aphrodite might be blamed for when our romantic passions got the better of us, Dionysus to be blamed for a jovial spirit and an overindulgence in drink, and Poseidon for the natural disasters of storms and earthquakes.

Even today, it is still within reach for many to blame the gods, or god, for all that is good in our lives, and blame other beings for all that is evil in our lives.

That is all well and good but as humans, and mortals, although we cannot hope to contend with godly things, by definition, we have autonomy within our own realm that we can exert.

My choice in life has been to remove my ability to blame the gods or blame others. I get to choose my suffering.

Choosing my path

I had a daydream and it frightened me enough to trigger writing this poem. I’ve learned that my daydreams are typically potential futures, but them happening is not a guarantee and I can always choose to move away from the potential future.

In this poem I was exploring what I would do if the daydream came to pass. The ending is the conclusion I came to and my course of action.

I decided I would have to leave to brighten other corners of the world and forever cast my absence on where I had been.

What happened?

My daydream came true. What’s interesting is that I wrote this before it actually ever happened. Some might even say I willed it into existence or that I manifested it by putting negativity into the world; they know nothing.

I don’t paint myself a seer of any kind but I’m glad of my decision to leave. I look back and I’m proud of my past self. I bumbled around like an idiot for a bit but I stayed the course.

Had I not, I’d have looked back and been ashamed.

Deviant Art Image

I was scouring through Deviant Art and found this amazing image with all the elements I wanted. In it you see the moon in its last phase before becoming a new moon. You also see colors of a setting sun off to the right.

The star

Finally, you see the shooting star in the frame. The nature of a shooting star is that it disappears after sparking for only a short time. I’ve enjoyed seeing so many by now but each time there is that bubbling excitement the instant it becomes visible. When it disappears it leaves its afterimage in my mind and its wish in my heart.

The echoes of its passing soon fade. It won’t ever been seen again. Maybe I imagined it? How long did it travel to get here? It doesn’t matter.

Alive one moment, burnt up and spent in the next.

Being a shooting star hurts.