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Clean the Sky

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Jerry S
Jerry S
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NOTE:: This post is in both English and Spanish. Spanish First.

Life is more than what my eyes see.
What to do with that which stains my sight and doesn’t let me see it without sadness?
How does one sweep the clouds from the sky?
– English

Inspiration Revealed

My muses inspire me when I write.

Your muses inspire you when you read.

Below I choose to disclose the inspirations and interpretations of my own poems.

Maybe our muses told us some of the same things. Read on below if you really want to find out.


I was stuck one day. Have you been stuck? I’ve been stuck. Once, I got stuck for several years. I don’t know what kind of glue it was. That’s a lie, I know what kind it was now.

I don’t like being stuck, but it’s a part of life. Imagine a branch flowing down a great long river. It will flow with the current and be at its mercy. It might even get stuck in a whirlpool for a time and spin round and round until the currents are just right for it to break free from the whirlpool.

As it is, this is a reminder to me that’s it’s alright to be stuck, but each time I should aim to be stuck less and less. Movement is medicine, as they say. Spinning in a whirlpool is movement, but there are likely better things down river.

So now, at least, I’ve become better at cleaning clouds and in my sky there is more sun.